Family Constellations

Carol and I facilitate “Constellation Days” the next being on Saturday 17th February 2018.

Constellations can help to disentangle current family members from unresolved issues of previous generations. It is a method developed by Bert Hellinger, out of family systemic therapy, psychoanalysis and phenomenology.

The idea is that current entanglements have their origins in ancestral, family, historical or cultural pasts – including in their present manifestations. Constellations, by creating a living map – and revealing hidden and underlying dynamics – may generate moves towards resolution. Thus any kind of afflicting or troubling issue or concern can be represented in constellations.

Once the circle of participants has formed itself, we are likely to experience value whether as witness, representative, or bringer of an entanglement for constellating.

People often ask whether constellation work is like psychodrama. Unlike in psychodrama, representatives are usually asked by the facilitator simply to say how they are feeling rather than to enact anything verbally and directly, and there is therefore an emphasis on indirect speech mediated through the facilitator. Towards resolution, sentences or phrases may come to representatives’ minds which they may feel moved to say, and these words will be trusted. Or the facilitators may suggest words or phrases which have been found and tested through experience.

Constellations are practised world-wide, and there have been many developments during the last twenty years, and many different styles have evolved. We work in the tradition first evolved by Bert Hellinger, and trained in what until recently was called CSISS. We are also actively influenced by Hellinger’s recent innovation which he calls ‘working with spirit-mind’. And also, in response to our active concerns for wider Nature, are influenced by emerging principles of Nature Constellations that we practise. This we find combines wonderfully with our Taoism.