Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Psychodynamics

Psychoanalysis is the foundation for all the psychotherapies, which is why I undertook a rigorous training in it, and keep myself up to date with developments, and contribute to them.

Its special concerns are to become aware of, and to come to terms with the unconscious, or unknown, depths of things. The unconscious is discovered through memories, dreams, reflections, symptoms, and through becoming aware of the psychodynamics that are generated between people in relationships. Our childhood years influence us all the time, even in adulthood, yet those influences can be difficult to access without professional help.

Psychoanalysis used to be grounded in an appreciation of Nature wider than the human, including our physical, animal bodies as part of Nature. This grounding became somewhat lost in all the intensity of interpersonal, so-called object relations, and I am seeking to re-establish it.